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Your First Solo Trip To Europe: 5 Tips To Make It Perfect

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This is on the bucket list of almost every traveling enthusiast. And why not! Visiting exotic locations alone, exploring new cultures, meeting new people — it feels great to feel like a grownup who can take on the world all by herself/himself.


If you’re planning your first solo trip to Europe, here are five tips that will make it more memorable and perfect:

1. Start planning as early as possible

This is the key to every happy and happening traveling experience. The earliest you start planning, the better.


The cities you’re going to visit, the sights you will see, the places where you will stay, the food you will not miss… plan all the detail.

You would feel more organized and less overwhelmed.

2. Don’t chase the “popular destinations”

Europe is filled with some of the best cities and lifestyle experiences. There are too many “popular destinations”. While they are all the best, they aren’t necessarily the “must visit”.


There are many other low-key and underrated destinations that are just as great, if not more.

So, don’t blindly plan to travel to London, Paris, Vienna, and Budapest. Look at places like Granada, Valletta, Bratislava, and Maastricht.


3. There are ways to make it affordable

Yes, comparatively, Europe is expensive. But then it doesn’t really have to burn your bank account.


There are plenty of ways you can minimize the expense of your solo trip to Europe. Like, making your bookings at the earliest can avail you discounts. Instead of living in hotels, you can live in hostels. Instead of taking taxis and buses everywhere, you can take a walking tour. Don’t eat in posh restaurants; eat on the streets.

4. Don’t get obsessed with your camera

Take some time off your camera and phone, and really soak in the fun of the city.


Yes, we get it. Clicking beautiful pictures is important to up your Insta game. But making memories and living and really enjoying the present are even more important.

5. Work along with an agency

It’s not easy planning a solo trip to Europe. It’s even more difficult if this is your first visit to any international destination.


So, don’t do it all alone. Instead, work along with one of the top reputed travel agencies in Kolkata to plan a custom trip.

Of course, do your research to find the best travel agency for customized holidays to Europe. Find a good one and work with them. This will not only make things so much easier, but it will also unlock you many opportunities to save money.


These are five simple tips that will make your solo trip to Europe perfect and even more memorable.

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